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NYHET! Workshop i astronomi och norrskensfotografering, Abisko nationalpark – 4 dagar

14,300.00 kr


LaplandMedia & PhotoAdventures – your photo guide to the northern lights and the starry sky!

Swedish Lapland and Abisko is without a doubt unrivalled as the best place on Earth to experience Aurora borealis and Lonely Planet recently ranked Abisko as the number one location in the world to see the Aurora. The towering Scandinavian mountain range to the west creates a rain shadow and in turn guarantees more clear nights than anywhere else under the auroral oval. This also means that Abisko is an excellent place for astronomy! The pristine wintertime landscape, Scandinavian wildlife and Sami culture all contribute to the magic of this region. LapplandMedia photographer Peter Rosén has lived in Abisko for 17 years, has a background as an associate professor in environmental science and is now working full time as a professional photographer. Peter and Ulf Jonsson who is an expert in astronomy and astronomy photography will gladly shares their intimate knowledge of the starry sky, the Aurora, planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae. We will have access to very good astro and aurora equipment such as:

  • Hand held binoculars (8×40)
  • Binoculars on tripod (15×70)
  • Refractor on GOTO Mount (110 mm)
  • Newtonian telescope on Dobson mount (250 mm)
  • Newtonian telescope on Dobson mount (420 mm)
  • Professional and amateur Canon cameras


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Group image_photo Peter Rosen



Our focus is utmost quality, which we obtain by devoting ourselves to small groups (max 7 guests). Learning the art of night time and Aurora photography requires close tutoring, which is exactly what we offer. Small groups also makes moving to different locations not only easy, but definitely increases the chances of capturing the spellbinding starry sky and the northern lights.

We will visit 3 different locations to make sure you get a variety of images during your stay: a snowmobile ride to our traditional Sami tipi tent and nice photo spot in the Abisko valley, a minibuss ride to a nice spot and one evening close to your hotel in Abisko National Park. We have access to a 4WD minibus and a snow mobile just in case the weather is better somewhere else. Flexibility is the key to success! The tour is part of the Canon Photography School and thanks to Canon and Manfrotto, we can offer amateur and professional SLR cameras, lenses and tripods, specially designed for northern lights photography – and thanks to our guide Ulf Jonsson he will be happy to share his astronomy telescopes.

Program for the tour
Day 1, 17.15: Your guides Peter Rosén and Ulf Jonsson will meet you at the Abisko Mountain Station reception. 17.30 Gourmet three course welcome dinner created by local specialities. Presentation of the program and introduction to astro and Aurora photographing. SLR cameras, lenses, tripods and telescopes especially designed astro observations and Aurora photography will be available every night. 19.30: Ulf Jonsson will present “today’s night sky” and how to find interesting objects for observation. For example: The Milky Way, constellations, stars, multiple stars, star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, planets etc. Ulf will also give a short explanation of the presented objects, what to expect when observing through the different instruments and give some tips and tricks on how to observe. If the Aurora suddenly appears on the night sky photographer Peter Rosén will assist you to take great images of the northern lights.

Day 2, 15.00: indoor lecture by Ulf Jonsson on astronomy (planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, etc.).

Day 2, 17.15: Gourmet three course dinner created by local specialities. Your photo guides will join the group. 19.30: We are ready to take a beautiful snow mobile ride into our favourite photo spot in the Abisko valley and to a traditional Sápmi Tentipi® Nordic tipi. The astro/aurora photographing course continues step by step and we will teach you how to manoeuvre and focus the instruments.  Finally you will have the opportunity to use the instruments at your own will for the rest of the tour, together with the others in the group and under support by the Ulf and Peter. 00.00 Return back to your hotel in Abisko.

Day 3, 14.30 to 17.00 lecture indoors by Ulf Jonsson and Peter Rosén on how to edit the astro and aurora photos taken during the course. We will also give you critique on image composition etc.

Day 3, 17.15: Gourmet three course dinner created by local specialities. Your photo guides will join the group. 19.30: Depending on weather we have two options for this night. Either we take a minibus ride to a beautiful photo spot or we will explore new nice photo locations in the Abisko National Park using our snow mobile. Flexibility is the key to success and thanks to our minibus and snow mobile we are free to move where the chances are best for this night. The Aurora/night photographing course continues step by step and we will arrange many new image. 00.00 Return back to your hotel in Abisko.

Day 4, 10.00: Check out from your hotel. We can help you to arrange your transfer to eg. Kiruna airport. You may want to spend more time in Abisko, Kiruna or Stockholm or stop-over at many of the wonderful European destinations on your way home.  By now you will want to sleep for a million years, but you will not be able to wipe the smile from your face.

Tour dates 2017: 3-6 January (fully booked). Due to a high interest we might add more departures. If you want to get an update send us an email at info@lapplandmedia.se

Group size: Max 7 persons per departure, minimum age 16 years.

Price: 14 300 SEK, accommodation at STF Abisko Mountain Station, double or single room, full board. No additional fee for single room accommodation.

Book Now! Or at least 30 days prior to departure. More info: +46 70 3338883; info@lapplandmedia.se

Our 4 day astro and northern lights photography tour includes:

  • Three nights at Hotel STF Abisko located inside the Abisko National Park. Rooms have access to a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi service.
  • Two professional photographer will guide you to our favourite photo spots for the aurora and astro observations in the Abisko valley and evening tours include a snow mobile sleigh ride to our remote tipi tent (1n), minibus ride (1n) and one location will be close to your hotel in the Abisko NP.
  • Indoor class on astronomy (1d).
  • Indoor class on how to develop astro and aurora images and we will discuss how we can improve our images (1d).
  • Access to a 4 WD minibus and a snow mobile just in case the weather is better somewhere else.
  • Amateur and professional Canon SLR cameras and Manfrotto tripod for aurora photographing. We are sponsored by Canon so we have a good selection of cameras.
  • Astronomy telescopes and equipment so you can capture your own astro images.
  • Warm Arctic overalls to keep you warm. You are welcome to keep the overall also for day time activities.
  • Organic breakfast buffet (3d).
  • Lunch buffet or packable lunch boxes for your outdoor activities in Abisko National Park (2d).
  • Gourmet three course dinners created with local delicacies such as reindeer and Arctic char (3d).
  • Feel free to choose our delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals. Please tell us in advance about your preferences.
  • Bilingual guides, Swedish and English.
  • All our guides are true professional photographers from Swedish Lapland which means we welcome our guests to our own backyard, and that makes all the difference compared to our players in the region.
  • We can help you to book your transfer from eg. Kiruna at an additional cost.

Why should you choose LapplandMedia & PhotoAdventures for your next photo adventure?

100% success rate on our multi-day Aurora photo tours 4 years in a row says probably quite a lot about our tours. This means that all previous guests participating on multi-day tours over the past four years have seen and captured the Aurora in beautiful environments. We are truly dedicated to ensuring our guest’s satisfaction and proud to say that we are the winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. We are the only company in Swedish Lapland who can offer guided photo tours with professional photographers all year round. We have been running photo courses in Abisko and Swedish Lapland at least 10 years longer than any other company in the area and we are the only company working with photographers coming from Swedish Lapland (other photo companies in Abisko run tours with Chinese, American and English guides) and we run tours with much smaller groups (max 7 guests). Since we come from the area we do have much better local knowledge about being up in the mountains, important not only for safety reasons but also important for good images and stories about living in the Arctic. We welcome you to our own back garden. We do also run our tours longer in the evenings which increase your opportunities for great experiences and Aurora photos (our guests decide when we go home). Our idea is that you have come to Abisko for a once in a life time experience and we will do all we can to full fill your dream to see and photograph the Aurora and the Arctic landscape in a nice way. We might be the only company in the world with a 100% success rate on Aurora photo tours. The fleeting nature of the northern lights means it is naturally difficult to guarantee you will see them, but to date we have been thrilled!

Get inspired and look at Peter Rosén’s images here: LapplandMedia


Your hotel in Abisko National Park.


We will help you to take potrait images.


Peter Rosén is the photographer behind the book Aurora Borealis in Lapland and have worked as a professional photographer since 1995.


This is a lens telescope with 110 mm aperture, suitable for visual observation as well as for astrophotography. It is perfect for observation of open star clusters, planets, the moon an large galaxies.


Bamse 17 tum_JUO7546-L
This is a large telescope suitable for observation of low light deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, open and globular star clusters. This telescope stands on a “Dobsonian” mount and is controlled entirely manually.


This is suitable for wide view observation of the Milky Way, constellations and large celestial objects. Especially suitable for showing members with different length, since the parallelogram mount allows the viewer to move the binoculars up and down without loosing the object from the field of view.


AWD Volkswagen Aurora bus_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandMedia_t8q8107
We will take a snow mobile sleigh tour to our tipi camp in the Abisko valley one night.


Abisko NP offer nice locations for astro and aurora photographing!


Northern light and the moon in Abisko NP.


We have access to a 4WD minibus to increase our flexibility.