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Björn (Ursus arctos, vild) :Brown bear (Ursus arctos, wild)
7416_Wolf_MG_0241_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandImageBank7420_Wolf_MG_2086_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandImageBankBjörn (Ursus arctos) vid sjö, Finland :Brown bear (Ursus arctos), Finland7438_bear_wolf_mg_9983_1_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandMedia_panorama8951_T8Q1106_photo Peter Rosen_Lappland ImageBankBjörn (Ursus arctos, vild) :Brown bear (Ursus arctos, wild)Björn (Ursus arctos, vild) :Brown bear (Ursus arctos, wild)Hide_Finland_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandMediaVargNyhetsutskick_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandMedia_4Björn (Ursus arctos, vild) :Brown bear (Ursus arctos, wild)Nyhetsutskick_photo Peter Rosen_LapplandMedia_3

Wildlife Photography Course – bears, wolfs, wolverines and eagles – Finland – 2017

Product Description

This is wildlife photography at its very best. Last year my group were able to photograph wild wolfs, bears, wolverines and golden eagles! We will go to the breathtaking taiga forests of the Kuhmo region in Finland, an unpopulated area between Finland and Russia. This is pure wilderness, an enchanting landscape where the stage is set with warm Nordic midsummer hues and soft veils of mist. In the evenings, we will settle in the hides where brown bears visit almost every night, wandering out from the forest, grazing and socializing in the open meadows. There are very good chances of seeing wolves, wolverine, golden eagles and sea eagles as well.

You will be part of a small group with a common passion, guided by professional wilderness photographer Peter Rosén. With over 20 years of experience, he will help you in every stage of capturing breathtaking wildlife images, from tips in composition, animal photography, choice of lenses and settings, to image processing in Photoshop/lightroom. This is the same area where award-winning wildlife photographer Lassi Rautianen capture so many of his magnificent images of bears, wolves, owls and eagles. Lassi established the camp where we will be staying, which he started to be able to share his experiences with equally passionate photographers. Welcome!

This wildlife photo course is part of the Canon Photogaphy School and is also sponsored by Manfrotto. We can therefore offer tripods, professional camera bodies and a few 300-500 mm telephoto at no additional cost. We share the equipment we have. I’m happy to say that all my photo courses all year round have received the highest rating possible from every participant who have given us comments on Tripadvisor and we have had guests from more than 30 countries to date. Read the guests commentes here Tripadvisor.

Tour dates: summer 2017 (exact dates will be set later)
Included: Full board, photographing from blind night time, sleeping bag, bed at Camp Kuikka daytime, sauna, transportation to hides every night, VISA to nomansland between Russia and Finland, bilingual guide, Swedish and English.
Group size: Min 4 persons, max 10 persons per departure, minimum age 16 years.
Price: 3 nights including full board xxxx SEK/person One additonal night xxxx SEK/person.

Transfer Kajaani airport: to base camp Kuikka Kuhmo 160 km one way, 700 SEK/person (minimum 2 pax)
Transfer Kuopio airport: to base camp Kuikka Kuhmo 230 km one way: 1070 SEK/person (minimum 2 pax)

Björn (Ursus arctos, vild) :Brown bear (Ursus arctos, wild)

General information

You can either fly in to Kajaani in Finland or take a minibus/car from Luleå. Three nights of photography and travel time, with the possibility of an additional night. We will be spending our evenings/nights in the hide, from about 17:00 until early morning, about 09:00. During the day at the cabin camp we’ll sleep, eat (full pension) and enjoy the traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna and swim in a pristine lake. We will also go through the past night’s images and prepare for another exhilerating night. Transfer from Luleå at an additional cost.

Visit the organizer’s website at to learn more about accommodations, be inspired by the images and prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime.