Wildlife Photography Courses

Bears, wolfs and wolverine in Finland

Wildlife photography at its very best. Prepare yourself for a unique experience in the breathtaking taiga forests of the Kuhmo region in Finland, an unpopulated area between Finland and Russia. This is pure wilderness, an enchanting landscape where the stage is set with warm Nordic midsummer hues and soft veils of mist. In the evenings, we will settle in the hides where brown bears visit almost every night, wandering out from the forest, grazing and socializing in the open meadows. There are very good chances of seeing wolves, wolverine, golden eagles and sea eagles as well. Are you interesed in a tour 2017? Send us an email (info@lapplandmedia.se) and we can discuss different options!

You will be part of a small group with a common passion, guided by professional wilderness photographer Peter Rosén. With over 20 years of experience, he will help you in every stage of capturing breathtaking wildlife images, from tips in composition, animal photography, choice of lenses and settings, to image processing in Photoshop/lightroom. This is the same area where award-winning wildlife photographer Lassi Rautianen captures so many of his magnificent images of bears, wolves, owls and eagles. Lassi established the camp where we will be staying, which he started to be able to share his experiences with equally passionate photographers. Welcome!

This Wildlife Photo Course is part of the Canon Photography School. Tripods, Canon camera bodies and a lenses from 300-600mm can be borrowed from us during the tour.

For more info contact us at info@lapplandmedia.se or +46 70 333 8883.