Guest comments

Peter Rosén under his favorite subject Aurora borealis. Photo Peter Rosén

Our guests come from around the globe, 25 counties to date. They are fascinated, enthralled, touched by their time spent in Swedish Lapland with photographer Peter Rosén. The course participants have either used their own equipment or the wide array of Canon and Manfrotto equipment available free of cost on site. We are rather proud to say that all participants who have given comments on Tripadvisor have given us the highest possible score.

Comments from our guests

To stand on snowy ground, north of the Arctic Circle, in that mysterious place known as Lappland and watch the Aurora Borealis dancing across the polar night sky is an experience worthy of any adventurer’s heart. Add to that the magic of being taught how to photograph the memories and you’ve got yourself a magnificent journey of discovery with THE Aurora Photographer, Peter Rosen, and Lappland Media. Not only is Peter an artist of beautiful composition but he is also a clever technician who knows how to create inspiring images. His enthusiasm for the subject and his caring personality meant he was able to cater for a mixed group such as ours which was made up of a professional photographer, an experienced amateur and a raw beginner. I recommend the multi day programme which will introduce you to Reindeer Lodge, the food, the forests, the culture, and the stories as well as Abisko, the mountains, the lakes, the chair lift and the Sky Station. Fear not the naysayers who tell you it is a long way to go and you might not even see the Northern Lights…If there is any Aurora activity showing on the KP index anywhere in the vicinity you will soon be bundled up in your complimentary outdoor hat, overalls, gloves, and boots and jumping into Peter’s van as the newly formed ‘Aurora Hunters’ in search of that clear patch of sky. And if you are anything like our group you will have just gotten to your destination, set up ‘base camp’, tightened your tri-pod and turned on your camera when the theatre gong will sound and the Light Show will begin!

It is time for you to take this OFF your Bucket List and GO DO IT! If you want to do right, Peter Rosen is your guy! You won’t find anyone more genuine on the mountain than Peter.

Niahm, UK

I must state upfront that this IS A PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE and probably the BEST course you can attend to see, experience and capture the aurora. This is NOT just simply a tour where a couple of tour guides drive you out to the wilderness in search of clear sky and hope and pray that you see an aurora. The entire course was planned to perfection and we were all very well taken care of by Peter. Administrative stuff like transfers, accommodations and board were all pefect. During the course, Peter teaches you very valuable skills in photography to who whole range of people from beginners who just want to experience an aurora and capture that experience in a photo, to semi-pros and pros who are already proficient in photographing. He provides very warm overalls and gloves, as well as really professional cameras from Canon and Tripods from Manfrotto. Peter also caters to the interest of every group (which is small and always capped at 8 to Peter can take care of everyone well). I’ve learnt a lot from this course and am contemplating going back again because Peter is such a great teacher, a wonderfully friendly person to be around and is always willing to impart his vast knowledge and experiences with you.

Thank you very much Peter for making my trip to Abisko such an unforgettable one and for teaching me so much.

Nicholas Sim, Singapore

Hi Peter,
The tour we went with you was the highlight of our trip!!! A very professionally ran tour and we absolutely love it! Thanks for all your knowledge sharing!!!!
If we have a chance to return to sweden we will definitely join anything you organize again! Until then please keep in touch :) Do you happen to have any blogs that share photographing techniques? I will make sure I follow it! Thanks for giving us such an unforgettable experience and taking so many pictures for us! Would you be so kind as to send us the one you took for us on your camera as well?

Thanks again! I think that was the best night we had during the trip. We will be sure to pass your name on to our friends when we go back haha!
Cindy, Canada

Hi Peter,
I just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed the photography evening with you. We still can’t believe that you spent so many hours with us – even taking time to help us understand our own camera!!! Our photos are absolutely stunning and we learned so much about photography. I just want to share some information with readers of this post. We were initially told by a clerk at Abisko that the photography course was full but, fortunately, I decided to re-contact Abisko to see if there was a waiting list for the course. It turns out that the course that goes to the Aurora Station was full but I was not initially told about Peter’s course. On my second query, I was put immediately into Peter’s course and am so lucky that it happened that way!!! For fellow photographers, you may think that you want to go up to the Station but, rather than fighting the crowds and spending a portion of your evening in transit to the Station, I recommend that you sign up with Peter instead. Peter will whisk you directly to remote, dark locations without other people and you can start photographing immediately!!! But apparently you have to ask for Peter or you might be told the course is full. It is very much worth booking with Peter!!!

Anyway, many, many thanks Peter. We had a great adventure – and have some great photographs to prove it!

Thanks so much for your time, your expertise and your kindness,
Tamara and Bill

Hello Peter,
Thanks a million for taking us to your Tentipi tent, your hospitality and efforts. I did get some, actually many, really good images. We truly had a very good time there being out with you. I’m so glad you walked up to our room and picked us up….

Please allow me to make one additional remark. In the Abisko area there is only ONE, and I mean only ONE professional photographer. It is YOU. You tell people about focal length of lenses to use, what to watch out for, i.e. keep you exposure time below 20 secs and many more. And you take care about your clients. I met an Australian couple in the hotel and they feel exactly the same. If you ever have a future client saying you are more expensive than others, feel free to refer them to me. I do know the difference. When I come back, I know what photographer to book :-)

Best Regards,
Albert + Rita, Germany

Thank you Peter,
As you will see I have transferred “something extra” – please accept it as my “thank you ” for a most unforgettable few hours in your presence. You did very well and your style of teaching, guiding, helping, advising is exceptional. I am sure with that kind of approach you will touch the lives of many others and leave them richer after you have left.

Thank you once more,
Frans van Herden, Kuwait

Dear Peter,
Even without auroras, it has been a very good night for me yesterday. Thanks a lot, you’re doing a nice job! Actually more than a job! I send you here some pictures to use. No copyright! Just love them, use them or drop them!

Andreas, Switzerland

Dear Peter,
My wife Andrea and myself again want to thank you for the interesting night tour on Saturday evening (March 9th). It has been very good listening to your photography insides, especially to improve my own knowledge using the camera at nighttime. Even if we do not have seen any aurora that tour, you have made it an interesting and calm stay at your tippi tent, with good photo experiments. We enjoyed to learn a lot of you on aurora theoretics and Sami history. My wife told me, that you offered a signed version of your wonderful book (that time I had left the tent to have a look outside ;-) It would be a honour for me, to buy such a signed copy of your book. If you could arrange to drop a signed (german language) copy at turiststation, I would be very happy. We do have prolonged our stay til Friday evening, so please let me know, which day you might be able to come along here. Or just put the book into an envelope and drop it at the reception desk, give me an mail info and we will transfer the money via bank transfer afterwards for sure!

Thanks again for all the good time here and we hope to meet you again one day!

Best regards,
Suitbert and Andrea, Germany

Hej Peter, hur mår du?
I just want to thank you again for a great experience. You are amazing and it wouldn’t have been the same with a different photographer. This weekend I’ll sit down with my photos and attempt to make them look like Henriks’! That’ll be a big job and I guess by the time I re-emerge from my study I’ll be sporting a long beard! So Peter, thank you once again for everything, I will never forget it. You are an inspiration to me.

Una, UK

Hej Peter,
Jag vill tacka dig för den fina och upplevelserika veckan i Lappland och för alla bra fototips som för mig framåt som fotograf!

Yvonne Garblad Göteborg, Sweden

I have been participating in both the Aurora Photo Course and the summer course in collaboration with Canon and I will surely come back again! I’ve learned an incredible amount on these courses. Peter is very professional and pedagogical, do not miss these courses! Simply, World Class! If you want to learn to photograph Northern Lights there is no doubt, this is absolutely the best choice!

Peter Erixon, Luleå

I wanted to get new inspiration for my digital photographing. Because of that I took part of Peter Rose´ns photocourse i july 2013. Camerause,photocomposition,animalphoto,macrophoto,portraitphoto and landscapephoto in the mountins. All of that we got with Peters enthusiasm and skilfulness. We were out and took photos most of the days and after we had photocritic. I learnt much of that. We worked with the Pictures in Photoshop. I am going on using my camera with new ispiration. Next time in Abisko for me it maybe will be Peters photoAdventure of northern lights.

Lars-Peter Isaksson, Skellefteå

The only word to describe our experience is fantastic. Peter catered to novice photographers like us and the more experienced. This is the best way yo see and photograph the aurora. Excelent instruction, high quality equipment and a great host. We managed to get some unbelivable images. Peter’s course is a must do for anyone intetested in the aurora.

Patesh, UK

Fotokurs i världsklass!!

Har gått Peter Roséns kurser tre gånger och har lärt mig otroligt mycket av hans fantastiska kunskaper inom fotografi, landskap, natur och norrsken. Denna kurs rekommenderas starkt för er som gillar foto och natur! Den bästa kursen jag deltagit i och den täcker verkligen allt inom naturfotografin som Peter delar med sig av sina skickliga och proffsiga kunskaper, ett hett tips: Gå Kursen!!

Per Lundström, Luleå

Jag har gått Peters sommarfotokurs två gånger hittills och varje gång har varit helt fantastiskt. Oavsett väder har det varje gång varit en otrolig upplevelse att både dagar och soliga nätter vandra runt i den storslagna miljön som naturen runt Abisko är. Här finns ett överflöd av ypperliga fotomöjligheter som Peter inspirerar en att leta reda på. Peter är en utomordentlig lärare som förutom att han är mycket kunnig och delar med sig av sina kunskaper lyckas att få alla deltagare att kunna lära sig trots att vi har ibland haft väldigt olika kunskapsnivåer. Ut över detta ger kursen möjlighet att under en veckas tid verkligen kunna få fördjupa sig diskussioner om fotografi med likasinnade personer. Detta är en kurs som jag varmt kan rekommendera för såväl nybörjare som erfarna fotografer som vill vidga sina vyer och vill ha inspiration. För mig är det numera en del i min planering av sommarsemestrar att kontrollera när denna kursen hålls.

Jonas Björnfot, Stockholm