Aurora photo tours in Swedish Lapland. All our multiday guests have seen the Aurora ever since we started in 2012.

Aurora Borealis. Northern lights. Words that stir feelings, thoughts, memories. Everyone’s northern lights experience is unique, depending on where you live and how often you have the chance to see this natural phenomenon. Peter Rosén, the photographer behind the book Aurora borealis in Lapland and his team welcome you to photograph the aurora, moose, reindeers, the Milky Way and experince the Sami culture, dog and reindeer sledding and the ICEHOTEL  in Swedish Lapland. We offer 5 days tours in Abisko National Park, a relaxed 5 day New Year’s Eve Holiday and our most exclusive 6 photography tour in Swedish Lapland. We are happy to say that all our multiday guests have successfully photographed the northern lights ever since we started with northern lights tours in 2012. The fleeting nature of the aurora means it is naturally difficult to guarantee you will see the  northern lights, but to date we have been thrilled! We are also the winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award 2014-2018. Read our previous guests comments via our Tripadvisor site.

Welcome to Swedish Lapland!

Peter, Niklas, Hans-Olof and David